My name is Warren Townsend, and I am a metal artist/sculptor located in Michigan. When I look at certain things I see how they could be recreated in metal. I visualize how I would use the different metals to create. How I would put motion or emotions into it, using different hammering methods, welding skills, and using the beauty of the metal to get the colors and the textures. My work is mostly in the styles of realism and naturalism, but sometimes have fun doing a little abstract art.

I started making metal art in 1972. I am self-taught by myself which, means that throughout the years I have taken various metalworking classes in areas I felt important. I have taken many college art classes to enhance my understanding of art. Books have been a value resource and I continually learn from them. Then there is the fact that I love to experiment in different techniques to work metal to bring something different.

I am really not into entering art contests but I have won a few awards and ribbons. I have had articles of me and my art in newspapers. I was a featured artist on the Comcast Channel 900 show “Meet the Artist”  see the video on the bottom of my home page.


The works you see here are just a small sample of what I like to make. I work in various metals, but mostly copper. I will do silversmithing on a commission basis only. Please feel free to browse around the site, have a look at my work, and share any comments you may have. Click on the link to



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