Welcome To Warren Townsend Metal Arts and Sculpture!

This website is not going to tell you how to make metal. Rather, it is my online gallery, showing how I take various metals and, using my different recipes, turn them into art.

If there is a special piece of metal art that you would like to have commissioned, I would be happy to work with you to design and create that unique, one of a kind piece. I am currently available to accept commissions for commercial and residential clients.

The art works in the Vessel and the For Sales are available for purchase. If there is a particular item that you are interested in, you may contact me to inquire about the purchase via email. Click on the link to warren@metalrecipes.com.

I do accept PayPal.

Why the name Metal Recipes?

Here is my story of how I came up with name of Metal Recipes for my business and website.

Way back in 1995 I got my first home computer, it was not much but it gave me a way to see the World Wide Web. Searching the web, I found a very interesting forum type site called “Artmetal” that had some really great metal artist. They were posting pictures of their work, discussing how they made things, and just plain sharing. I wanted to join in and bought my first digital camera, a Sony with just 3 megabits, man was I proud. I could now take pictures of my work and share with the other folks on the forum. I also joined some picture posting sites like Flicker so I could share my metal art with the rest of the web. Worked fairly well for a few years, but the good artist was now building websites.

I kept thinking of what to name my website. The trend was to have some catchy name. I kicked around many different names for a while but found most names were taken or not proper. On the Artmetal forum a few of us started to have yearly get togethers we called Shindigs. For the 2007 Shindig the idea for the group was to make a metal book and maybe there could be some gallery showing. I was not really interested, busy making other stuff.

Finally, one evening my wife was watching one of those cooking shows and why I was doing something else heard the words “mixing bowl, utensils, ingredients, beating, heating and I thought that is kind of what I do with my metal works. The book began, it was going to be a metal cookbook. And BAM! the title for the book “Metal Recipes” just popped up in my head. And BAM!BAM! the name “Metal Recipes” would be a great name for a website. In 2007 my website was launched.

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